Hubert Zemler – Melatony

Hubert Zemler returns with the new solo project Melatony. Named after the sleep hormone, Melatony sees Zemler entering the world of electronics and taking a different approach to his music using electronic sounds and amplifying acoustic sounds using electronic effects.

In our interview with Zemler,  he discussed his interest in electronic music, “I have a lot of respect for synthesisers because it’s a very complex instrument and you can create everything from it from nothing, from just the electrical signal. You can create your own sounds from the beginning and then you can add some extra things such as delays or sequencers this is like a huge world, which I’ve been learning slowly.

I’ve made a lot of things just for me, I decided that I wanted to use it and mix it with something because it’s really hard to make something new and interesting in electronic music because everyone is doing electronic music now. So in my opinion it’s most interesting when you mix acoustic instruments with electronics.”

For our full interview with Zemler go here.

Melatony is available now as a limited edition cassette and a digital download via Pawlacz Perski.

Hubert Zemler powraca z solowym projektem Melatony. Nazwany po hormonie snu, album Melatony ukazuje Zemlera wchodzącego w świat elektroniki i podchodzącego do swojej muzyki w inny sposób poprzez użycie elektronicznych dźwięków i wzmocnienie akustycznych dźwięków przy użyciu elektronicznych efektów.

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